About Captain Mark Rogers

Captain Mark Rogers: 30 Years of Fishing Excellence in Southwest Florida

Meet Captain Mark Rogers, a fishing maestro with over three decades of angling experience. Originally from sunny Southern California, Mark’s passion for fishing was ignited by his father’s early guidance.

From California to Florida: Mark’s Fishing Journey

Captain Mark Rogers’ love for fishing began in Southern California. As a youngster, he learned the ropes of angling, particularly in deep, crystal-clear reservoirs. His angling journey took a significant leap when he ventured into tournament fishing at the tender age of 14.

Rising Star in Florida Fishing

Mark’s family relocated to the beautiful state of Florida, where he dived into the captivating world of Florida’s iconic lakes. Now, he boasts more than two decades of fishing experience in the Sunshine State.

Tournament Triumphs and a Thriving Guiding Career

Mark’s passion for fishing was unwavering. Throughout his high school and college years, he continued to thrive in the world of tournament fishing. His relentless pursuit of excellence propelled him to the professional ranks, competing in the FLW and the prestigious Bassmaster Elite Series for eight consecutive years.

Guiding with a Passion

Mark’s journey as a professional angler took an exciting turn when he became a fishing guide on a professional level. Guiding became a significant part of his life, with over a decade of enriching experiences shared with fellow fishing enthusiasts.

Full-Time Guiding in Southwest Florida

Mark’s dedication to angling led him to the beautiful region of Southwest Florida, where he now guides full-time. His vast expertise spans across Lake Okeechobee, the Everglades, Naples, Tampa, and every water body in between. Whether it’s casting artificial lures or expertly using live bait, Mark is your go-to angler.

Balancing Tournaments and Guiding

Even while excelling in the world of professional guiding, Mark doesn’t shy away from local fishing tournaments. His passion for competitive fishing continues to thrive when his guiding schedule permits.

Your Fishing Adventure Awaits with Captain Mark Rogers

Always ready to share his vast knowledge and create unforgettable fishing experiences, Captain Mark Rogers is your gateway to a world of angling fun. Join him on a fishing adventure you won’t soon forget. Cast your worries aside, grab your gear, and let’s go fishing with Captain Mark Rogers!