Everglades Canal Bass Fishing

Everglades Canal Bass Fishing

Driving down the canals of the Florida Everglades is truly the ultimate fishing experience. If you want to catch largemouth bass here in South Florida, the Everglades are the place to go. Enjoy an Everglades Canal Bass Fishing Trip next time visiting the sunshine state.

I had the pleasure to fish with two gentlemen that wanted to come catch some big numbers of largemouth bass. One of the best ways to do that is throw soft plastics and top waters throughout the canals.

There was a light breeze pushing us down the canals which is always nice. You can’t beat just turning off your trolling motor and letting the wind move you at just the right pace. The fishing conditions were perfect for catching bass.

These two gentlemen boated 80 largemouth bass with no giants in the boat. Most of the fish caught are between 1-3 pounds. The fish are biting and still spawning out. Even the peacock bass are spawning as well.

As the months roll by, it is going to continue to get better. Don’t miss out on your adventure to catch largemouth bass in South Florida in the best place to do it, the Everglades!

Come Catch Yours with Captain Mark Rogers in theEverglades.
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