Here on Lake Okeechobee it was a amazing today with one of my favorite clients Mike Groshon. We had one beautiful morning, beautiful sunrise and temperature is real nice.  Have some fun out here, throwing a variety of baits, started out with some top-water and getting some pretty nice bites. Also missing some opportunities, but we capitalized on some plastics. Always enjoy throwing Bass Assassin baits always make it fun. But here with one of my favorite clients, enjoy having him on board. Mike did you have a good time today…”It was awesome, it was a grind first thing in the morning but once the sun came up..man the numbers came up, it was a blast. I couldn’t ask for a better day on Okeechobee.”

Well it a lot of fun watch these big girls bust like they were doing. We saw some really good fish hitting some baits and chasing bluegill and stuff.  It makes it’s fun to watch it and we had some shots at some really big ones, but ended up catching some pretty good quality bass. Client: “Yep, we sure did, again to reenter-ate what you said. To see those big ones busting and chasing bait fish all around and everything like that…it was just an in-creditable site today!”

Captain Mark Shepard…tight lines!