Lake Okeechobee Business Fishing

Lake Okeechobee Business Fishing

Florida draws thousands of business professionals to the state on a daily basis. When you are here visiting whether for a conference or for a meeting, you may take a look at your schedule and see you have some downtime. If you ever wonder what to do with that downtime, consider taking a Lake Okeechobee business fishing charter.

Business Fishing Charters are a great way to connect and bond with your potential new or existing client. Get them out on the water and experience something new together. Lake Okeechobee is the perfect place for this and you can catch largemouth bass all year long.

Robert adventured out on a business fishing charter with clients from the House of Raeford Food Company. Chan and Neil were representatives for this incredible company out of the Carolina’s. They love the outdoors and especially bass fishing and wanted to come experience what Lake Okeechobee, a legendary fishery had to offer.

Clewiston, Florida was the perfect bass fishing destination for this charter. You had the amenities of lunch on the water and excellent fishing. Robert’s son Joe was also on this fishing trip which happens to work for Bass Online.

Captain Mark Rogers was highly knowledgeable of this fishery and what it had to offer. Robert, Chan and Neil all highly recommended and regarded him as a Captain for either business or families. When you have knowledge, you know exactly where the fish are moving and will be.

They were on a split day fishing adventure allowing them to go grab lunch and come back to their fishing hole. Breaks like this are valuable for every fisherman alike. If you are on business, have families with females or just want to get out of the sun for an hour, this fishing trip is perfect for you.

The morning bite was the strongest. Live bait was the most effective especially given the conditions. The fishing was absolutely incredible and they also highly recommended fishing Lake Okeechobee this time of year. Overcast skies with a light breeze allowed for some excellent Lake Okeechobee Business Fishing.

This amazing group of gentlemen put over 45 bass in the boat. They ran through 11 dozen wild caught shiners. The same spot produced all these incredible largemouth bass with several bass in the 4-5 pound range. Joe caught the biggest bass weighing 7.7 pounds. It was a beast and what you come to Okeechobee for.

After using the second round of shiners, they ended the trip throwing artificial baits. They had a fantastic time fishing Lake Okeechobee for the first time. Next year, they will be back for more action. Business will be the perfect reason to bring more people and visit again. Captain Mark is looking forward to fishing with them again in the future.

If you are looking for something different to adventure out on and do while visiting on business, give fishing a shot. Florida is the perfect place to catch a dream fish whether fresh or saltwater. When you come out and catch that dream fish, you will want everyone in your company involved in the action. Our Corporate Fishing Events can be the perfect match!!

Come Catch Yours with Captain Mark Rogers onLake Okeechobee.
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