Naples Florida Peacock Bass Fishing

Hi, this is Captain Mark Rogers and today We were fishing at the Golden gate canal.

It was a nice day There was a slight breeze, helped push us down the canal nice and slowly, it was overcast all day which kept the temperature down which made fishing conditions perfect for us.

We started off with some shiners, and I was drifting shiners behind the boat as he fished off the front throwing a jerk bait.

He wanted to catch some peacock bass, so that’s what we had set our sights on.

Within 5 minutes of throwing the shiner out, we had caught a large mouth and then the next one out caught the first peacock bass which was about a 2 1/2 pounder.

We continued down, and he worked the jerk bait off the front and caught a few large mouth and we got about 5 more peacocks and then five more largemouth bass on the shiners.

He hooked a good peacock on the jerk bait and it turned out to be a good day and all and all we caught about ten or eleven fish with some nice sized peacock bass and a decent sized snook.

Anyways the Golden gate canals are really turning out off pretty good with the peacocks. I seem to be getting a lot bigger and a lot more active. So keep searching for those big ones.