Okeechobee Bass report with Capt Mark

Hi, This is Captain Mark Rogers, with the Lake Okeechobee bass report. We had a great day at Okeechobee today. We were out starting up real early had a great sunrise, perfect conditions, conditions I love. The winds going about 10 15 miles an hour slightly overcast and it stayed overcast pretty much all day just make those fish move around then relax you could throw a top water an active bait, you dont have to work them too hard and that’s what we did today. We started throwing horny toads and swim baits and picked them up pretty good in the morning got our biggest one wasn’t a giant but it was about 5 pounds to chase down what was cool about it Ray had never seen this before, but he was reeling the horny toad in and I saw the wake coming. I told him to stop and it just double waked again and jumped on the bait and bit it and he never saw it, But then he really started keying in on it and got several fish from the fish waking out on the bait, and that slowed down a little bit.
So we move again got some more fish all this was back in the back in the field where they’re starting to spawn. We got several 3 to 4 pounders try throwing a horny toad and swim bait til about I don’t know 10:30 trying to get that bigger bite and got a few decent ones and then they slow down a little more moved again caught more and then we started swimming a speed warm through the grass and really started to pick them up then about 12 o’clock the bite picked up again, and we were just catching them left and right and probably ended up the day with a Good 50 fish. it a good day that Speed worm really pick them up and we got seven more 3 to 4 pounders it looks like these conditions are going to continue on because it is going to be pretty stable that cold front that came through I think help get those fish moving in a little bit Hopefully some bigger ones will be coming in and we can catch a few giants so keep searching for those big one. Give me a call and Let’s go do some fishing For all your freshwater fishing adventures go to bassonline.com This is Capt Mark Rogers With the Okeechobee bass report, tight lines until next time.