Lake Okeechobee is a world famous lake known for its great fishing and trophy size largemouths.  Everyone from avid fisherman to families that just want to have a fun, come to fish on Lake Okeechobee. The best part of it all, is the memories that you make while fishing! The Fraiser group did a three day fishing adventure on Lake Okeechobee.  The group reserved eight boats for three days of fresh water fishing.  They all had an amazing time and everyone caught a lot of bass, and the memories they made while here are priceless!

Till next time tight lines and good fishing….

From Staff Writer Capt. Mark Shepard, Capt. Brett Isackson, Capt. Bob Miley, Capt. Jason Young, Capt. Jeff Brooks, Capt. Mark Rogers, Capt. Roger Gonzalez, and Capt. Dave Lauer
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